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Neal Raval, DDS, MSD, PLLC

A Seattle dentist specializing in periodontics and implant dentistry.

Dr. Raval, a Seattle dentist who specializes in implant dentistry and periodontics, smiling in a suit
Dr. Neal Raval was born in Germany and attended his schooling in both Germany and later in England. In England, he completed his pre-dental and dental education in Oxford and then later at the University of Birmingham.

After graduating, Dr. Raval worked for the Nation Health Service in England and then moved to Germany and worked with his father, who inspired him as a child. When he was young, our expert dentist spent time in his father’s office and developed a fondness for working with his hands. It was in Germany that he developed his passion for periodontal surgery, dental implants, and comprehensive dentistry.

Dr. Raval moved to the U.S. in 2009. He now lives in Seattle with his family and completed his residency in periodontics and implants. Notably, he attained his Master in Science in Dentistry by participating in groundbreaking research that changed the way dentists perform implant dentistry.

Our Seattle dentist views his work as a hobby and continues to excel in his field. He has been president of various dental groups, lectured nationally and internationally, and worked with many study clubs. He is part of some prestigious organizations, including:

Away from the office, he loves spending time with his two girls. They make breakfast together each morning and enjoy attending local family events!
Dr. Raval, a Seattle dentist who specializes in implant dentistry and periodontics, smiling in a blue suit in front of a dark background

‘‘My intent is only to educate you on your oral and general health. If you need any care, I will be here the entire time to make sure you get all the support and care you need."

Dr. Armina Azary

A Seattle dentist with a passion for education and improving dentistry

Dr. Maurissa Kiefer, dentist at Love Your Smile in Seattle, WA
Dr. Azary is a talented, skilled, and compassionate practitioner. With over 12 years of experience in private practice and half a decade of University Faculty experience, Dr. Azary joins our team with an enormous depth of knowledge and skill.

Dr. Azary was born in Iran and began her career in medicine as a mid-wife, obstetrician where she personally performed over 2000 healthy deliveries. When she moved to the US in the late 1990s she continued her studies and pursued an opportunity to attend the prestigious School of Dental Medicine at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH.

Driven to continue her education after graduating, Dr. Azary completed a General Practice Residency at the VA Hospital in Cleveland, OH. During her residency, she was not only exposed to much more comprehensive dental care but was also involved in treating our veterans, many medically compromised patients, and an underserved pediatric population.

Dr. Azary then joined a Private Practice where she worked for 10 years in Cleveland, OH. During her time in private practice, Dr. Azary worked as a part-time faculty at the School of Dental Medicine training and teaching the next generation of dentists in anatomy, restorative dentistry, and their application to everyday patient care.

Before Dr. Azary relocated to the PNW, which she has completely fallen in love with, Dr. Azary worked alongside Dr. White, an entrepreneurial Orthodontist in Ohio where she planned, executed, and provided Invisalign treatment for orthodontic patients from young kids to adults.

We are beyond thrilled to be welcoming Dr. Azary with her incredible talents and gifts into our dental family at Love Your Smile.

Dr. Raval, Dr. Azary and your Team @ Love Your Smile

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I'm so glad I saw Dr. Raval and his team. Everyone on the team is responsive, caring, and it was very easy to entrust them with what I knew would be a very expensive but necessary procedure. Everything from the scheduling, to the consult, to the procedure was done professionally, all the way. Thanks for the awesome and effective care!

Carolyn C. (Love Your Smile Patient)

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