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5K Run For American Heart Association

5K Run for the American Heart Association

The heart – the most impressive pump there is?

No doubt about it.

With each heartbeat, this pump sends blood throughout the body, carrying oxygen to every cell.

But, because the heart works so hard (and we don’t always make the best lifestyle choices), heart disease is also the world’s leading cause of death.

Claiming close to 700,000 lives a year in the US alone (that’s 1 in every 5 deaths), heart disease takes a new life every ~35 seconds.

So, with the cause so serious, we didn’t have to think twice before jumping on board to help people fight it!

LY Smile Joining Puget Sound Heart & Stroke Walk!

A few days before the run, we received an email from Delta Dental of WA stating that they are participating in the event.

Of course, we thought that was amazing.

At Love Your Smile, we love to give back and get involved in the community.

Moreover, Dr. Raval and Dr. Lee are certified instructors with the American Heart Association to train people in CPR.

And we always stress the importance of heart wellness and the signs to look out for when we are doing a CPR session.

So, how could we say no to this opportunity?

A good reason to get out there, get some quality exercise, and support a great cause – sign us up!

Plus, this was the first in-person event for this cause since 2019, so we wanted to join in for quite some time now.

And join we did!

Long story short, we had an absolute blast and can’t wait to do it again next year!

More About The Run

The Puget Sound Heart & Stroke Walk has always offered a terrific way to get moving while socializing with friends, family, and coworkers.

But, indeed, it’s so much more than a walk!

Besides the serious heart AND mental health benefits that come with it, you also help to spread awareness of the world’s leading cause of death and raise money for treatment!

So, to recap, The Puget Sound Heart & Stroke Walk is:

  • A good exercise opportunity
  • A great way to spend quality time with awesome people
  • And an amazing cause to support!

Better yet, when you join The Heart & Stroke Walk, the organizers connect you with some very helpful tools, including:

  1. The Move More mobile app that includes a free activity tracker and fun challenges to inspire you to find creative ways to meet your goals.
  2. Multiple easy-to-navigate tools to connect with fellow runners, share information, and raise lifesaving funds.
  3. The Heart & Stroke Walk exclusive on-demand playlist that will let you groove as you move.
  4. And some sweet rewards (like free Heart Walk gear) so that you can show everyone your support for this great cause!

So all that’s left is to sign up and get moving. 😉

But make sure to schedule a dental check-up beforehand!

Schedule your next dental check-up

Schedule A Dental Check-Up In Seattle, WA

Did you know that oral health isn’t just about your smile?

Indeed, issues that may seem dental initially often represent other health issues, from heart disease to cancer and diabetes.

All the more reason to book a dental appointment (and include oral cancer screening).

Our skilled dentists will make sure to provide a thorough examination so that you don’t have to always spend more time, money, and energy on treatment in the future.

So the time to start loving your smile is now!


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