Common Dental Emergencies

Did you know that about 2.1 million of the American population experience dental emergencies? If you notice something that you think warrants immediate attention, you may be experiencing a dental emergency. The first thing to do when you experience a dental emergency in Seattle is to call your dentist for an appointment. Below are the common dental emergencies you need to be aware of.

What is a dental emergency Seattle?

4 Dental Emergencies to Familiarize yourself With

Soft Tissue Injury

Dental emergencies not only affect your teeth, but they can also affect your surrounding soft tissue structures. The most common soft tissue injury includes lacerations and puncture wounds. In case you experience this type of injury, you need to stop the bleeding as soon as possible. Afterward, clean the affected through running water and contact your emergency dentist.

Faulty Dental Restorations

There are times when your dental restoration may start to fall off or come loose. This often occurs when the treatment is almost done. However, it may also be due to exposure to excess force. In case your restoration reaches this stage, make sure to rinse it and schedule an appointment with your dentist to avoid infection and inflammation.


Toothaches are very common and it may be a result of several reasons. It is always the best indicator that something is wrong with your gums or teeth. If you experience a toothache, try to relax and determine where the pain is coming from. If it’s between two of your teeth, you probably have something stuck in your teeth. To solve this concern, just get a floss and gently remove the food particle. Make sure not to use sharp or pointy objects.

If the cause of your toothache is the result of tooth decay that penetrated through your pulp layer, professional dental service is highly recommended as the nerves within your pulp may be affected.

Knocked-Out Teeth

This dental emergency is most common in athletes, kids, and those who have an active lifestyle. A knocked-out tooth requires immediate dental intervention to avoid infection and damage to your pulp and nerves.

What is a dental emergency Seattle?

Contact Love Your Smile in case of Dental Emergency in Seattle

If you find yourself experiencing a dental emergency, the best way to deal with it is to contact a dental professional. At Love your Smile, we offer comprehensive dental services to restore your healthy beautiful smile!

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