What are the Types of Dental Emergencies That are Most Common?

If you experience a dental emergency in Seattle, your dentist should be the first one you call. At Love Your Smile, our dentists always set aside time for emergency treatments. Also, it is imperative to remember that most dental emergencies require the dentist’s intervention within 30 minutes.

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How to Determine if it’s a Dental Emergency

Questions to Ask

Re-cementing a crown or restoring a chipped tooth that doesn’t cause pain is not considered dental emergencies. Usually, these kinds of situations do not require immediate intervention from a dentist. To guide you in determining whether the problem is a dental emergency in Seattle, below are the questions you should ask.

  • Are your gums swelling or bulging?
  • Do you feel any pain or swelling in the facial or mouth area?
  • Have you been hit in the mouth or face?
  • Did you suddenly lose your teeth?

If you answered yes to these questions, you need to contact your dentist immediately. Dental emergency in Seattle is a serious matter that should be addressed quickly as it may lead to severe infection.

Types of Dental Emergencies

The most common dental emergencies are fractured, cracked, or chipped teeth, loose or misaligned teeth, and knocked out tooth. A fractured, cracked, or chipped tooth that does not cause pain or discomfort is not considered a dental emergency. To constitute a dental emergency in Seattle, dental problems should be coupled with swelling, bleeding, pain, or severe discomfort.

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What to Do When You Experience a Dental Emergency in Seattle?

As stated earlier, the first thing to do when a dental emergency occurs is to call a dentist. However, what happens if you can’t contact a dentist or no emergency dentists are available at the moment? If you’re suffering from fractured, chipped, misaligned, loose, or knocked out tooth, the least you can do is to clean your mouth by gently and carefully rinsing it with warm water.

To know more about how to handle dental emergencies, contact Love your Smile today!