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How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

Man in dental chair smiling. Dental professional holding up shades of teeth whitening sample.

Are you happy with how your smile looks?

If not:

Professional teeth whitening may be the solution you’ve been searching for!

But are you wondering how long does teeth whitening last?

In our quick blog, we’ll discuss

  • How long different types of teeth whitening last
  • Teeth sensitivity
  • Teeth whitening aftercare tips

Let’s dive right in!

How long does teeth whitening last?

When done by a professional, it can last anywhere between 6 months to 3 years.

In comparison:

Over-the-counter whitening products may only last a few months.

Professional teeth whitening is an investment in a brighter smile for longer.

There are different types of teeth whitening methods. We’ll go over how long ZOOM! Teeth Whitening lasts versus at-home whitening strips.

ZOOM! Teeth Whitening

ZOOM! Teeth Whitening System… This text opens a new tab to the ZOOM! website… is widely used throughout the world.

After your whitening treatment, you’ll receive a touch-up kit with custom-fitted whitening trays to touch up your smile at home, if needed.

The results of ZOOM! Whitening lasts up to 24 months with proper aftercare (we’ll get into this later.)

Over-the-counter whitening strips

At-home whitening solutions are a popular form of teeth whitening.


The concentration of bleaching agents in these products is lower than what a trained professional would use. It also uses a one-size-fits-all approach, which may not give you the results you want.

Depending on what kind of strips you use, it can last anywhere between 2 to 4 months.

How long does teeth sensitivity last after whitening?

Teeth sensitivity is common after a whitening procedure.

It’s temporary and should disappear after a couple of days.


When using at-home products, make sure your whitening strip isn’t irritating your gums.

If you’re worried about gum and teeth sensitivity, a dental expert will provide the guidance and care you need during a professional whitening treatment.

Teeth whitening aftercare tips

Your professional teeth whitening treatment will last for years when taken care of properly.

Let’s go over some aftercare basics to extend the duration of your whitening treatment for as long as possible!

Right after your treatment

Avoid any foods or drinks that could stain your teeth for at least two days after your procedure.

This includes:

  • Red wine
  • Coffee
  • Soda
  • Tomato-based sauces

You also need to avoid smoking or chewing tobacco products. Not only are they bad for your lungs, but they’ll undo your whitening treatment quickly.

Brush your teeth regulary

This seems redundant, but we can’t emphasize the importance of brushing your teeth regularly.

Thoroughly brushing and flossing every day eliminates bacteria and plaque that may cause tooth discolorations or stains.

Brushing your teeth with a whitening toothpaste with an American Dental Association… This text opens a new tab to the American Dental Association website… seal ensures your teeth stay brighter for longer.

Use straws

We get it. We can’t stay away from iced coffees either!

If you do find yourself reaching for a beverage that’s notorious for causing stains, consider carrying around a metal straw.

This will help avoid stains on your teeth.

Where can I get teeth whitening treatments in Seattle, WA?

Love Your Smile is proud to offer in-office teeth whitening treatment with ZOOM! Whitening system.

We’ll whiten your teeth safely and effectively in one visit, so you can show off your new smile as soon as you’re done.

Get white teeth now!

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