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Ideal and Effective Ways to Avoid Cracked Teeth

Despite how strong your teeth are, no one is exempt from having a cracked tooth. Being careful and complying with a basic dental routine may be your golden ticket to avoiding cracked teeth. Our dentist in Seattle is always excited to answer any question or concern you may have to establish a proper dental routine.

Below are the ideal and effective ways to prevent teeth from cracking.

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Tips on How to Prevent Cracked Tooth

Keep Teeth Strong

A cracked tooth left untreated may lead to irritation of the pulp. As time goes on, this irritation may cause you to undergo a root canal treatment.

To avoid any pain or infection, the best dentist in South Lake Union recommends you keep your teeth strong. Although the enamel of your teeth is known to be one of the hardest substances in your entire body, it can still be damaged. Bad habits such as chewing ice or fingernails, brushing too hard and too long, eating sugary and acidic foods, and drinking lots of sodas can wear down your enamel.

Another major factor in tooth strength is your essential vitamins. To keep your teeth strong, you should talk to your dentist and find out whether you have enough Vitamin D intake and calcium. If you have any doubts, just grab a glass of milk, regular or almond, before bed and you’ll be on your way!

Dental Checkups

Dental fillings or restorations should be checked by your dentist every few years. Make sure to ask your dentist when he next wants to review your case, so you don’t miss something and let your teeth go unprotected. There are times when fillings can chip or break, especially when it reaches the later years.

If they are compromised, your tooth will be exposed to possible break down when not attended to. Hence, if you have undergone any dental work, it is highly advisable that you get in touch with your dentist so restorations can be made!

Protect your Teeth

According to statistics, broken or cracked teeth are often due to dental trauma. Traumas may include chewing on hard foods and objects, accidents or falls, or sports injuries. Hence, if you love playing sports, whether you’re an athlete or not, you should always use a mouth guard to protect your pearly whites.

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