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What should you expect during your first visit to Love Your Smile?

Your superstar experience starts as soon as you walk through our doors. Our friendly team is ready to greet you with a warm smile and start your individualized two-hour consultation! During this time, we provide you with a complete diagnosis, offer first-class Seattle dentistry options to solve your dental concerns, and officially welcome you into our dental family!

Female patient in a pink shirt sat in the dental chair and smiling as she receives Seattle family dentistry at Love Your Smile..

Here is a sneak peek at what is waiting for you at Love Your Smile:

  • We welcome you with a warm smile and help you settle in before your dental exam. You’ll begin by discussing your dental goals and concerns with Dr. Raval. During this time, our dentist answers any questions you may have and explains how each step of the exam will go.
  • We use modern technology to comfortably capture images and x-rays of your smile from a variety of angles. Our intraoral camera allows us to show you what is taking place inside of your mouth, in real-time, and in high definition. With this visual information, your Seattle dentist can provide you with a truly accurate and efficient diagnosis to help improve your health.

  • After the exam, Dr. Raval extends his recommendations and leaves you to enjoy a professional cleaning with our hygiene team. Our friendly hygienist makes a full assessment of your smile and carries out a full cleaning using specialized equipment. Your teeth are also cleaned for a refreshing, beautiful look.

  • After cleaning, you’ll spend time with our office assistant who happily guides you through our new patient information, your treatment plan, insurance benefits, and then books you in for your next visit (as needed).

Seattle Family Dentistry to Keep You Smiling

Our top treatments with Dr. Neal Raval and co.

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Man in sports gear listening to headphones and smiling because of the exceptional Seattle family dentistry he receives at Love Your Smile.
Man in sports gear listening to headphones and smiling because of the exceptional Seattle family dentistry he receives at Love Your Smile.

Oral Hygiene

At Love Your Smile, we not only improve your oral health, but maintain it to a high level. The first step toward this is providing you with a quality hygiene assessment, led by our team of expert hygienists.

During this visit, we carefully examine your teeth and gums, looking for plaque build-up and signs of gum disease.

Your dental hygienist then performs a gentle professional cleaning where any leftover plaque or buildup is removed. This helps prevent common dental issues such as cavities, root canals, or gum disease.

As a finishing touch, your teeth are polished for a brighter smile and your hygienist extends any appropriate feedback for your at-home routine. Remember, as your partners in dentistry, we will never judge or lecture you. Instead, we carefully guide you to improved oral health and a custom-made treatment plan for your individual needs.

We strongly believe in open, two-way communication, so we always welcome your questions during your hygiene appointment.

Click here to learn more about Oral Hygiene.

Oral Hygiene

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Older lady with blonde hair smiling while she wears a striped shirt
Older lady with blonde hair smiling while she wears a striped shirt

Oral Cancer Screenings

It is an unfortunate truth that millions have to endure the impact of oral cancer. However, through early diagnosis, your chances of treatment success can be greatly strengthened. Our knowledgeable team uses modern technology and advanced training to identify any early signs. By taking immediate action, we can help reduce the impact of oral cancer and educate you on lowing your risk factors. During your visit, Dr. Raval thoroughly examines your mouth, including:

  • The inner lining of your cheeks
  • The roof and floor of your mouth
  • Your lips, gums, and tongue

This allows him to identify common symptoms such as:

  • Swelling or thickening
  • Lumps or bumps
  • Rough spots, crusts, or eroded areas
  • White or red patches
  • Bleeding, pain, or numbness
  • A persistent sore throat
  • Changes in the way your teeth fit together

As a guide, we encourage you to have an oral cancer screening annually. If any sign of oral cancer is detected, we may propose performing additional medical tests to confirm the diagnosis. We promise to work with you side-by-side to ensure you get the care you need and deserve.

Click here to learn more about Oral Cancer Screenings.

Oral Cancer Screenings

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Little girl in a striped top smiling in front of a light background
Little girl in a striped top smiling in front of a light background


Brushing and flossing are a vital part of your dental health routine. While caring for your teeth every day helps to maintain a healthy mouth, it can still be difficult to remove all the debris from your back molars. This is especially true for younger children. If this debris remains in your teeth, it may accumulate and cause plaque to build up and, in turn, lead to tooth decay. As your Seattle family dentist, we offer high-quality dental sealants to help you and your family prevent plaque build-up and cavities. Dental sealants consist of a thin gel coating that is painted onto your tooth’s surface. The gel helps fill the small grooves, preventing debris from becoming trapped in your teeth and causing dental issues. One of the best things about sealants is that they can be used on both adults and children, so you can protect your entire family’s smiles, long-term. Your caring dentist monitors sealants during your regular six-month check-ups.


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Dark-haired woman leaning on her arm and smiling
Dark-haired woman leaning on her arm and smiling

Metal-Free Fillings

When you get tooth decay, cavities, or a tooth fracture, dental fillings may be needed to prevent any further damage. Dr. Raval uses metal-free, tooth-colored composite fillings. In addition to maintaining most of your natural tooth, these fillings are much more durable and resemble your tooth’s natural shade and structure! We use the highest quality materials to blend and mix shades in order to find the ideal color to match your smile. The procedure starts with Dr. Raval cleaning the affected tooth and numbing the area around it. Once your tooth is prepared, your skilled dentist places the white composite resin to fill the cavity and shapes it to fit your bite. Once the material is hardened, you’ll benefit from:

  • Less sensitivity
  • Prevention of further tooth loss
  • Stronger teeth from the inside out

This simple procedure helps restore your smile into a beautiful, healthy state and can also boost your confidence. You can smile without any worry; only you and Dr. Raval will know about your fillings!

Metal-Free Fillings

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Woman wearing thick rimmed glasses and a smartwatch, leaning out of her car window and smiling
Woman wearing thick rimmed glasses and a smartwatch, leaning out of her car window and smiling

Root Canals

When a cavity deepens and reaches your tooth’s nerve, it can become infected with negative bacteria. This may cause you to experience severe toothaches, pain when chewing, prolonged sensitivity, and eventually the development of an abscess.

Root canals are highly recommended to solve these dental issues. Plus, they are a great, quick solution for saving your natural tooth structure and avoiding more invasive treatments.

To perform a root canal, your skilled dentist first places anesthetic on your gum to prevent any discomfort. Then, Dr. Neal Raval removes any infection from the pulp (inside of your tooth). He ensures the area is clean and free of any negative bacteria. A high-quality resin is then used to replace the removed pulp, which restores your tooth back to its original strength and function. After your root canal, a dental crown may be recommended to protect your tooth from any potential damage.

Root Canals

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Man standing in front of a grey wall and smiling
Man standing in front of a grey wall and smiling


Protect your smile from trauma, bite problems, or common sleep issues, such as bruxism (teeth grinding) with our mouthguards. Our Love Your Smile mouthguards use the latest digital technologies to provide a custom-made, comfortable fit. The molds are designed around your natural teeth and your unique needs. Sportsguards are designed to protect your teeth from trauma due to contact sports, whereas nightguards help prevent damage from common issues while sleeping, such as teeth grinding. Dr. Raval assists you in obtaining your ideal mouthguard after an accurate examination and a one-on-one discussion.



Discreetly and comfortably align your smile.
Woman placing a clear aligner into her mouth

Suffering from a misaligned smile can lower your self-esteem and even force you to hide your smile. For many, the thought of starting the long treatment of metal braces can seem tiresome. We understand the frustration this can cause, which is why Dr. Raval is excited to offer Invisalign® clear aligners at our Seattle dental office. Invisalign® is a revolutionary system designed to straighten your smile without the use of unsightly metal or wires. This comfortable and efficient treatment gradually moves your misaligned teeth into their ideal position. What’s more, the aligners are removable with a new set provided every two weeks. This means you can eat, drink, and care for your teeth as you normally would – plus, there is no need for regular adjustments at the dentist. If you would like to discover if you are a candidate for Invisalign®, simply contact our office. Dr. Raval will guide you through a consultation and use modern 3D technology to show you the potential outcome for your smile. Invisalign® is changing how people smile; see what it can do for you!

Female patient placing an Invisalign® aligner into her mouth

I absolutely love all the staff here. From the front desk girls to the hygienists and Dr.’s in back. I’ve had an awesome experience in my MANY visits. I walk out with a smile (numb or not) every time & and will continue to trust them with my cleanings & procedures.

Love Your Smile Patient

Enhance Your Smile!

Discover the power of Zoom! teeth whitening.

Beautiful woman looking over her shoulder while walking in an urban setting

One of the most popular and effective treatments to brighten your smile is Zoom! teeth whitening®. Teeth stains and discoloring can be caused by the food we eat or other daily habits. Regardless of the cause, this easy, non-invasive, and professional treatment removes teeth stains and whitens your smile in less than an hour. First, our team prepares your smile by covering and protecting your lips and gums from the whitening gel. Then, the Zoom! gel is applied to your teeth and is activated with light. Dr. Raval brings your smile to the agreed-upon shade and explains how our at-home whitening kits can help maintain your new beautiful smile. During your treatment, you can sit back and relax while the non-invasive whitening gel gets to work. You’ll see instant results as our cosmetic dentist in Seattle gives you a confidence-boosting smile.

Sedation Dentistry

Brush aside your fears with Dr. Raval.
Man in a jean shirt relaxing on the sofa with his arms outstretched

If you have avoided visiting the dentist due to fear or anxiety, then you are not alone! Millions of Americans experience it, and yes, it prevents them from looking after their oral health properly.

At Love Your Smile, we have a true expert to help you feel at ease and relaxed, even during complex dental treatments! Dr. Raval is a specialist in IV (intravenous) sedation dentistry .

His patients will tell you this form of sedation has helped them to make their visit a truly relaxing experience. Whether you are undergoing a root canal, extraction, or oral surgery, you’ll feel as if the procedure is over in the blink of an eye, thanks to Dr. Raval.

With IV sedation, a safe and effective sedative is administered directly into one of your veins. This type of sedation allows a rapid effect of relaxation and modifies your state of consciousness. It is customized to meet the demands of your specific dental treatment.

Here is how you benefit from this type of sedation:

  • You are not aware of pain, noise, or discomfort
  • No fear or anxiety during the treatment
  • No sense of time while under sedation
Man in a jean shirt relaxing on the sofa with his arms outstretched

Dr. Raval is an IV Certified and Licensed Practitioner, meaning he has special training to provide you with quality sedation dentistry. Depending on your level of desired comfort, Dr. Raval can help you with other sedation options. He offers minimal (inhalation), moderate (oral), or deep sedation (intravenous – IV) for a pain-free and relaxing experience.

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