White Fillings in Seattle

Restore your smile without compromising your appearance.

Talk, Laugh, and Eat Freely

Feel confident protecting your teeth - without unsightly metal fillings.

A preview of metal-free white fillings

Do you have tooth decay, cavities, or a tooth fracture? Chances are, you may need a dental filling.

You may be thinking, “Oh no! Fillings are so noticeable.”

But, we have the perfect solution for you.

At Love Your Smile, we’re proud to offer white fillings, which will:

  • Repair your tooth’s integrity
  • Protect your smile from further damage or infection
  • Blend in naturally with the rest of your smile

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Are White Fillings Worth It?

In our opinion, absolutely. Here’s why:
Natural Looking

Say “goodbye” to the days of unsightly metal – composite resin matches your natural tooth color!

Prevent Further Damage

Composite fillings protect your teeth from decay and will last years.

Eat Freely

Unlike traditional fillings, you’ll enjoy less sensitivity to hot and cold sensations – meaning eat what you want, when you want.

Friendly staff, great people. Got me in the next day and fixed my filling that same day. Already set my next appointment!

Larisa M., 5-Star Google Review

Modern Dental Solutions for Your Smile

Our experts and innovative techniques ensure stress-free dental care.

The Love Your Smile dental team smiling together

Our skilled dentists and compassionate dental team strive to provide you with high-quality dental treatments.

That’s why we’re excited to offer tooth-colored fillings in downtown Seattle, so your smile will be both functional and beautiful.

At Love Your Smile, you’ll enjoy:

  • Convenience: We chose our location and hours with you in mind. Our office is easily accessible by walking, bus, or car. We also offer extended hours.
  • Latest technology: Your restorative treatment uses up-to-date technology to increase precision and minimize discomfort.
  • Open communication: We’ll always make sure you’re comfortable and understand exactly what’s happening so there are no surprises. Plus, we want to make sure we meet your dental goals!

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