Dental Injuries that Occurs in Sports

Playing sports and keeping yourself active are the most important ways to achieve good overall health. However, if you often enjoy an active lifestyle or regularly play sports, there may come a time when you’ll experience dental injuries. To prevent dental mishaps, see to it that you take precautionary measures to protect your teeth. According to the best dentist 98109, below are the common dental injuries you may want to be aware of.

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Avoid these Dental Injuries As Much as Possible

Tooth Intrusion

When you receive a blow from your opponent, there is a great possibility that your tooth gets knocked out. However, if it doesn’t, you’ll probably experience tooth intrusion. It happens when the tooth ends up getting pushed back further, instead of falling off your mouth. The danger of tooth intrusion is that it usually leads to teeth trauma. Therefore, speedy treatment is essential to reduce the damage and pain caused by tooth intrusion.

Fractured Roots

A more subtle dental injury that people with an active lifestyle experience is fractured roots. This dental injury normally occurs when you experience any kind of head injury or when your mouth gets into contact with hard objects. You will know you have fractured roots when you experience chewing-related pain or constant sensitivity. Either way, the moment you suffer from constant pain and discomfort, you must contact your dentist immediately. Although not all fractured root cases require root canal surgery, the sooner your dentist knows the condition of your teeth, the better it is for your overall dental health.

Cracked Tooth

Whether you’re being slammed down on the football field or you’re sliding into home base, cracking your tooth is always a possibility in any contact sport. The good news about this dental injury is that you’ll know right away if you have this problem. Additionally, cracked teeth can easily be prevented by simply wearing a mouthguard and headgear during the game.

Who is the best best dentist 98109?

Contact the Best Dentist 98109 in Time of Emergencies

Dental injuries may not be that alarming for athletes or to some who occasionally get injured, but it can lead to severe pain if not immediately treated. If you experience constant sensitivity, pains, and discomfort, never ignore it. Contact Love Your Smile in case of dental emergencies!