Extractions in Seattle, WA

Relieve pain and protect your oral health.

Stress-Free Tooth Extractions

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A man holding his jaw in pain due to a toothache

At Love Your Smile, we’ll always try to save your tooth when possible. But sometimes, a tooth extraction provides much-needed pain relief, especially from:

  • Wisdom teeth that need to be removed
  • Damaged or decaying teeth where other restorative treatments are no longer an option
  • Severe periodontal disease
  • Needing to make room for important dental work

Tooth extraction may sound scary, but our skilled Seattle dentists prioritize your comfort and offer sedation dentistry methods to help you relax further.

Don’t let pain disrupt your life.

Protect Your Oral Health

See how you benefit from a tooth extraction in Seattle, WA.

With expert training and up-to-date technology, our dentist can successfully treat your damaged or crowding tooth.
Removing decayed or troublesome teeth protects your gums, bones, and surrounding teeth.
Prioritized Comfort
From local anesthetic and sedation dentistry options to gentle techniques, we’ll help you relax and feel at ease.
Our office does everything in-house, meaning you’ll be done with your tooth extraction in just one appointment.
Pain Relief
An extraction alleviates pain from a problematic tooth immediately. But remember, the longer you wait, the more pain you may experience.
Removing the Problem
With an extraction, we’re able to stop and treat an infection before it spreads and damages your oral health further.

Everything You Need, Under One Roof

Skip the hassle and get the dental care you need now.
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Our dental team is committed to providing you with high-quality care and ensuring your extraction is done efficiently.

We prioritize making your visit stress-free by making sure you know exactly what’s happening before, during, and after your procedure.

You’ll have a relaxing experience with our:

  • Advanced technology: Providing better results with quicker treatments and faster healing.
  • Caring team: From the minute you step into our office, our staff and dentists will make sure you feel safe and comfortable before beginning your procedure.
  • Welcoming environment: Our warm and inclusive atmosphere makes you feel serene, and our downtown location is easily accessible by Uber, bus, or car.

See how else we work to elevate your dental appointment.

Everyone was friendly and efficient, all my questions were answered clearly, the work done by Dr. Lee was quick and practically pain-free. I was made to feel comfortable and personable!

Kathleen B., 5-Star Google Review

FAQs about Extractions

  • What’s the procedure for a tooth extraction like?

    Our skilled dentists work with you to ensure your comfort before beginning your extraction.

    Step 1: We’ll take a digital x-ray of your tooth and plan the safest and most comfortable way to remove your tooth.

    Step 2: If needed, a sedation method will be used to minimize any stress. Then, we’ll clean and sanitize the area and gently remove your tooth.

    Step 3: Depending on the reason for your extraction, medicine (such as antibiotics) may be prescribed. Our team will give you aftercare instructions to assist with your healing and explain dental restoration options to replace your missing tooth.

  • How long does it take for a tooth extraction to heal?

    The initial healing period usually takes anywhere between one to two weeks on average.


    Most patients resume regular activity within 24 hours. It’s recommended you take some time to relax so your treatment can clot and heal properly.

  • When can I eat after a tooth extraction?

    It’s advisable to wait until after your numbing agent wears off to eat so you don’t bite your tongue or cheeks by accident. Avoid hot, spicy, and crunchy foods, especially during the first couple of days.

    We recommend sticking to soft foods that require minimal chewing to allow your extraction site an optimal healing environment.

  • Am I a candidate for a tooth extraction?

    Our dental team will conduct a thorough examination and determine if a tooth extraction is the best option for you.

    We welcome new and returning patients from the Greater Seattle area to schedule their initial consultation with us today.

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