How Long Does It Take to Recover from a Root Canal?

Recovery from a root canal in Lower Queen Anne may vary from patient to patient. Each case is completely unique. Factors like the status of your tooth or infections found surrounding it can prolong the recovery of your body.

With regard to infections, your dentist will have to determine what infection is present before or after the treatment.

Where can I get a Root Canal Lower Queen Anne?

Good News About Recovering from a Root Canal

Virtually Painless

Patients who have undergone root canal therapy can attest to this treatment being virtually painless. Most patients will even say that, unlike other dental treatments or surgery, a root canal does not cause sensitivity to hot and cold food or beverages.

Sensitivity in your tooth may be a result of infected or damaged nerve tissue. Root canal treatments aim to remove this nerve tissue and prevent any dental problems from arising in the future.

Recovery Periods

There are moments when you’ll experience a little bit of discomfort and tenderness after the surgery. This will vary depending on the status of your tooth before the treatment. Typically, patients with mild cases can recover from root canal treatment within a few days.

However, for those who have complicated cases, it may take a bit longer. Longer healing times are often caused by an infection that was present before or after the treatment.

Aching Experienced After Treatment

Root canal therapies may be surgical or non-surgical. Aches are often experienced when the patient undergoes a surgical root canal. It is the result of added pressure placed on the surrounding ligaments and tissues during the treatment.

Likewise, it’s important to note that the discomfort felt after the treatment may worsen when you excessively bite or chew your food. To eliminate or prevent this pressure, your dentist may prescribe you anti-inflammatory medications and antibiotics.

Where can I get a Root Canal Lower Queen Anne?

Root Canal Therapy in Lower Queen Anne

Symptoms that indicate you need a root canal treatment include swollen gums, tooth discoloration, sensitivity to hot or cold, and persistent pain. If you find yourself with these symptoms, contact Love Your Smile today!

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