How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

Dental crowns last an average of 5 to 15 years
So, how long do crowns last?

A dental crown’s average lifespan depends on many factors but can last from 5 to 15 years.

You may be wondering – Could a crown last a lifetime? Can crowns last forever?

We’ve got the answers:

They’re not guaranteed forever, but crowns are a long-term fix for teeth.

At Love Your Smile, we offer a full spectrum of dental care and will help you understand the factors that affect how long a crown lasts.

First, the basics:

A crown works like a cap to restore and protect a damaged tooth. It can be made from porcelain or metal.

What factors affect how long your dental crowns last

What affects how long your crown lasts?

There are three factors that impact the lifespan of your dental crown:

  • Material
  • Location
  • Lifestyle

Now, let’s go over how and why each of these factors affects your dental crown’s lifespan.


The strength and durability of materials used in crowns can vary, affecting how long they’ll last.

Most crowns are made of porcelain, resin, composite resin, or a combination of materials (like a porcelain fused to a metal option, for example).

Ceramic/porcelain crowns often have slightly less longevity than metal crowns, but they’re nonetheless durable and provide a natural tooth appearance.


Another factor that affects the longevity of crowns is the location of placement.

A crown placed toward the back of the mouth will see more use when chewing food and may wear down faster than a crown placed elsewhere.


Last but not least, a person’s lifestyle plays a huge role in a crown’s lifespan.

During regular dental visits to help maintain your teeth and gums’ health, dentists can check the crown’s condition and see if any repairs are needed. By finding issues early on, you and your dentist may be able to maintain the integrity and extend the life of the crown.

Three tips to help extend the life of your dental crown

1. Remember to brush and floss daily using non-abrasive, FDA-approved toothpaste at home.

2. Avoid excessively hard candy and food, and avoid unconscious teeth grinding while asleep (bruxism) with a nightguard.

3. Refrain from smoking, as this can cause staining and premature damage to tooth restorations like crowns.

Here’s the takeaway:

The lifespan of a crown can vary significantly, so it’s not as simple as asking “how long will this last?” Many factors affect how long your crown will last, including the material, placement location, dental care, and maintenance.

How long do temporary crowns last?

Temporary crowns are typically used for a few weeks while waiting for permanent crown placement.

These aren’t designed to stay in your mouth long-term, so dentists use an adhesive that makes the temporary crown easier to remove.

It’s important to note:

Temporary crowns are far more delicate than permanent crowns, so extra care should be taken when eating certain foods.

As for temporary vs. permanent crowns:

Once the tooth is sufficiently prepped, the final crown is made from impressions. Then, the crown is cemented on as a long-term solution. After all, the permanent crown is called “permanent” for a reason.

Dental crowns are your long-term solution

Get your dental crown in Seattle, WA.

Maybe you have a damaged tooth (perhaps from tooth decay, an injury, or a cracked tooth). Or maybe you have a dental implant that requires a crown.

Either way, Love Your Smile is here to help.

Each dental crown restoration is unique, so we’ll help you navigate your options. We want the best for you and offer comprehensive care for your dental needs all in one spot!

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